Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Pipeline Surveillance

Serving the Oil & Gas and Forestry Industries with aerial surveillance for your reporting and compliance needs. We provide reporting of leak detection, erosion, third party activity, and signage reporting with both the Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing applications. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Visual Pipeline Surveillance
  • Datalog Pipeline Surveillance
  • Thermal Leak Detection (TLD)
  • Geo-Reference Video Survey (GRV)
  • Full Vegetation Survey
  • Gas Leak Detection (GLD)
  • LiDAR Mapping Services
  • High Quality Photography
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) services and mapping
  • Brushpile scanning for forestry Operations
  • Wildfire Suppression Scanning

Several services can be combined for efficiency.

Contact us about combining services with your company groups to assist in making our services work most efficiently for you.

We specialize in tailoring our services to help reduce your bottom line.

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